2021 TCCF Day 4 Highlight: Over 8000 Visitors at The Expo, ØZI and Small Island Big Song Performed at the Baroque Garden

The Expo features the latest immersive content and trends that have attracted over 8000 visitors since opening, surpassing last year’s record. The Garden Mingle - Field Practice also attracted over 3000 visitors attending to see musical performances and experience good food, drinks, and atmosphere.

Besides the impressive immersive content works, the interactive experiences and installations were also popular amongst visitors. From the “Wormhole” at the entrance to Echoes of Silence, Signal, “Magic Forest,” “Future Salon,” “Fun Backyard,” the “Infinity Ball” and the seesaw outside, The Expo attracted visitors of all ages to experience and take pictures of the Metaverse Playground. 


The 2021 TCCF Expo 


At the Baroque Garden, visitors continue to enjoy the live performances, arts and crafts, creative food and drinks, and talks at the Garden Mingle - Field Practice. Titled “Next New Battlefield of Art,” TCCF partnered with 500 Times to host a talk on how various art forms comfort and sustain humanity throughout the ages. Speakers CHAO Li (director of Eslite Gallery) and YEH Yen-Po (co-founder of WHYIXD) discussed how the pandemic has sped up the art world’s transition into the digital space and how it affects the value of art and the way we interact with art. 


"Next New Battlefield of Art" speakers CHAO Li (director of Eslite Gallery) and YEH Yen-Po (co-founder of WHYIXD)




Presenting Taiwan’s diversity in music and performing experiences, Golden Melody Best New Artist, ØZI performed today, bringing his urban hip-hop and R&B music style to the Garden. The Taiwanese-Australian indigenous music group, Small Island Big Song, brought a touching performance featuring Sauljaljui (戴筱君), taking the audience on a journey through the soulful island ballads. 



Golden Melody Best New Artist ØZI performing at TCCF's Garden Mingle - Field Practice



Small Island Big Song featuring Sauljaljui (戴筱君)


The Expo, NEXT Academy, and Garden Mingle - Field Practice will continue to the 14th, for more information, please visit: https://tccf.taicca.tw/en/#