2021 TCCF Forum Spotlights the Metaverse, IP Adaptation, Future Content, OTT Services in the Post-pandemic Era with International Speakers 

The Forum of the 2021 TCCF took an interdisciplinary approach to spotlight Taiwan’s critical advantages in content production and emphasized development and transformation in the global content industry. With the latest industry buzzword, “metaverse,” as a central theme, The Forum brought together international speakers from various disciplines, adding to the global conversation of the intricate relationship between the metaverse and the content industry. 


Moderated by TAICCA Chairperson TING Hsiao-Ching, Welcome to the Metaverse: The Wild West for Creative Industries featured Digital Minister Audrey TANG, Taiwan AI Labs Founder Ethan TU, Pegatron Corporation Chairman T.H. TUNG, and music producer Sandee CHAN. It unraveled the challenges and advantages of Taiwan’s creative content industry to take the lead of the metaverse economy. 


2021 TCCF Keynote Forum, “Welcome to the Metaverse: The Wild West for Creative Industries.”  


Chairperson TING remarked that metaverse was more than a tech buzzword. Instead, it signified how the creative content industry would drive technological innovation and application forward. In the pre-recorded video, Digital Minister TANG expressed why she believed the metaverse should be decentralized and accessible for everyone. 


TUNG noted that the metaverse was still unpredictable while CHAN was optimistic that creators could set their own values within the metaverse, and would no longer be reliant on music labels or streaming services. 


In his keynote speech, Welcome to the Metaverse: Taiwan Creative Content and Technology Industries Epic Combat, Jon RADOFF (CEO of Beamable and author of The Metaverse Value-Chain) pointed out Taiwan’s advantages in technology and cultural diversity could enable a favorable environment to develop a metaverse economy. 


Jon RADOFF, CEO of Beamable and author of The Metaverse Value-Chain


Experiencing the Future: Collaboration Between Technology and Creative Minds, featured HP Global Head of Virtual Reality, Go-To-Market Joanna POPPER. She mentioned that HP focused on improving the technology, and also worked with many creators to connect with people via technology. 


HP Global Head of Virtual Reality, Go-To-Market Joanna POPPER


HTC Content and Platform President Joseph LIN talked about how a good experience and good content did not necessarily require special equipment. “Good content should be more accessible to all audiences, rather than relying on the availability of hardware such as VR headsets,” said LIN. 


Another trend within the content industry was how the pandemic affected content consumption worldwide, with the most significant shift in OTT services. During OTT Services and Consumer Behavior in the Post-pandemic Age in Taiwan session, TAICCA CEO Izero LEE, Taiwan Mobile President Jamie LIN, KKTV General Manager Vince HUANG, and CATCHPLAY CEO Daphne YANG discussed the trends of OTT services and consumer behaviors from the perspectives of investment, development, and platforms. 


TAICCA CEO Izero LEE, Taiwan Mobile President Jamie LIN, CATCHPLAY CEO Daphne YANG, and KKTV General Manager Vince HUANG


In terms of local OTT services, Taiwan Mobile President Jamie LIN believed that providers needed to present local content to the audience while gathering first-hand feedback from the audience. CATCHPLAY CEO Daphne YANG stated that Netflix was the biggest winner in the Squid Game success, not the Korean OTT platforms, and emphasized that content needed to work with technology and vice versa for sustainable development. 


From Creative Content to Screen highlighted the diverse IP development unique to Taiwan. During the session, Activator Co. General Manager Shih WANG especially pointed out that “all IPs are original, but not all are suitable for adaptation”. since adaptations decrease the longevity of the original IP and thus encourage more original IP creation for the film and TV industries to thrive on adaptation works. 


Ipa CHIU(Taiwan Creative Content Agency/Director), Shih Wang(Activator Co., Ltd/General Manager), FenFen Cheng(Director), WEI-HIS SU(Taiwan animation and comic promoting association/Chairman), and YI WEN YEN(Writer/Director);


All 2021 TCCF Forums are live-streamed via TAICCA’s YouTube channel, and will also be available in Chinese and English subtitles. For more information, please visit: https://tccf.taicca.tw/en/forum_introduction